“Orange peel” on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen does not allow a huge number of women to live peacefully. Cellulite is not a disease, but a cosmetic defect, a consequence of metabolic disorders and adipose tissue structure.
You need to fight cellulite comprehensively. Our anti-cellulite program will help you take a significant step in the fight against cellulite!

Duration: the program is designed for 5 days.
The cost of the program with a discount is 5999 UAH.

General number of procedures per course:

  • Doctor’s observation – 2
  • Anti-cellulite massage – 4
  • Honey thigh massage – 3
  • Shower Charcot – 3
  • Scottish shower – 2
  • The classic procedure in the hammam – 1
  • Casmara anti-cellulite belly / thigh care – 2
  • Casmara firming belly / thigh care – 1
  • Cosmetic procedures are performed on Casmara cosmetics (Spain).

    Guests are also offered:

  • use of swimming pool and jacuzzi;
  • use of saunas (Finnish and Turkish);
  • visiting the gym;
  • intake of mineral water, according to the doctor’s recommendation (there is its own pump room of mineral waters on the territory);
  • use of the infrastructure of the complex, including for leisure.
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