Hammam is the so-called steam bath, which provides support for a certain temperature due to hot steam coming from special holes in the walls. The uniqueness of the hammam is that the temperature in it does not exceed 55 ° C and the humidity is about 100%.

This makes it accessible to a wide range of bath fans. The soft and light Turkish bath will relax and tone your body, improve skin regeneration, relieve fatigue and tension. Allow yourself to relax in the best traditions of Turkish rulers!

Procedures in the hammam

The classic procedure in the hammam (Steaming – wrapping with soap suds – relaxation massage
– peeling – pouring cold water)

Soap massage (Steaming – wrapping foam – massage – dousing
cold water)

Soap peeling in a hammam (Steaming – wrapping with foam – scrubbing
Kese glove – pouring cold water)

Citrus procedure Steaming – fruit massage – pouring cold

Coffee mask in the hammam (Steaming – scrubbing coffee grounds – dousing
cold water)

Turkish Paradise (Steaming – relaxing massage – dousing with herbs –