Healthy balanced nutrition program approved by the Ukrainian Association of Nutritionists.

And this with NO RESTRICTIONS in tasty, nutritious and beautiful food, because our chef tried to make each dish very tasty and appetizing, and without ANY PHYSICAL TORTURE and exhaustion of the body – just pleasant relaxation procedures in the SPA-center!

The program consists of the following stages:

  • Doctor’s consultation, weighing and laboratory examination
  • Acquaintance with the menu and a complex of health-improving procedures
  • Meals on a specially designed menu breakfast-snack-lunch-dinner-snack.
  • Complex of health-improving procedures and physical exercises in the fresh air (in addition)
  • Doctor’s consultation, weighing
  • Getting recommendations for continuing to eat on the principle of “healthy plate”, recipes-tips from our chef, expanded information from lectures by Oleg Shvets on healthy eating and healthy living.

And most importantly! You need a set of knowledge and tools to continue a new style of eating and physical activity at home, returning to the usual rhythm of life.

Total number of procedures for the course:

  • • 5 meals a day – 5
  • • Physician’s observation – 1
  • • Speleotherapy – 5
  • • Total body massage – 3
  • • Underwater shower massage with natural phyto extracts -2
  • • Dry carbon dioxide bath with thermal vibrating massager – 3
  • • Pressotherapy – 2
  • • Ultrasound therapy – 3
  • • Magnetic therapy – 2
  • • Carpathian bath – 1
  • • Services of a bather (steaming and scrubbing) – 1

What will the Healthy Plate program give you?

  • General well-being and physical endurance will improve
  • Improve sleep
  • The activity of the digestive system will improve, there will be a feeling of “lightness”
  • The body will receive from a balanced daily menu all the necessary trace elements and nutrients
  • You will learn a lot of interesting and useful information about the foods you eat every day, about eating behavior and about the importance of proper healthy eating and eating behavior for your body, for your families and especially children.
  • A nice bonus to all the benefits of the program will be weight loss during the first week to 2 kg and with the subsequent effect of maintaining this lifestyle at home!

Cost: 7400 UAH
When ordering the program you get a 10% discount on accommodation.