Package: Week in the Carpathians

Package: Week in the Carpathians

An unforgettable week in the Carpathians…

Holidays in the Carpathians are a great opportunity to enjoy the incredible scenery, breathe the fresh mountain healing air, get healthy and immerse yourself in a real rest of body and soul.

The “Week in the Carpathians” program is designed for those who want to combine the pleasant with the useful: general health and integral attributes of the Carpathian holiday.

Immerse yourself in the real magic of the Carpathians!

The cost of the packageaccommodation in rooms of the category STANDARD / STANDARD IMPROVED in the standard season (29.08.21-23.12.21) – 23900 UAH / 24400 UAH

* additionally charged tourist tax

** To convert the package “Week in the Carpathians” for a larger number of days or other type of accommodation (cottage), please contact the reception at +380 097 07 100 07, and we will be happy to help you choose the best option for your Carpathian vacation.

The package price includes:

Accommodation in a room for two for 6 days
• Healthy food for 2
• Phytotherapy with Carpathian tea
• General massage for 2
• Dry carbon dioxide bath (1 session)
• 2 sessions of speleotherapy for 2
Inhalations on Carpathian herbs (2 sessions)
• Carpathian bath with tub
Rope park or riding (2 horses for 30 minutes)
• Walking route
Archery or target shooting

And also compliments from the hotel:

• Early check-in or late check-out
• Nice gifts for two