“Switch off!” program

The guests of TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa can enjoy a number of freebies:

  • Voluntarily store your gadgets in a safe deposit box labelled “No Wi-Fi” at reception. Set your individual time limit for gadget use.
  • Read your favourite book and watch films: it is nice to view your favourite scenes or discover an interesting book, the things you often discard in your everyday life.
  • Once you “switch off” you are sure to experience a rush of mental activity, new ideas and plans. To keep that going after your holiday is over you may keep the “Switch-off” diary.
  • You may also commit your memories and emotions to paper and have this personal message stored in the “Capsule of Time” to be reopened on your next visit to TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa.

Beside this, we invite our guests to immerse into a whole new world of fresh impressions, discoveries, experiments and emotions.

On your arrival to TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa you will be assigned a personal manager who will make sure that the program options live up to your most demanding expectations.

“Discover a lot of new things for yourself!”

  • Chef’s culinary workshop

You will get a chance to see what ingredients your favorite dish is made of and to discover a versatile culinary world. You can also try your hand at cooking under the chef’s careful supervision and later surprise your family.

  • Art-therapy: Individual thematic workshops

Creativity is a major source of human inner energy, a way to tune out the outside world and take a deep dive into a new activity, unveil a hidden talent and find a new hobby that will spice up your uneventful routine on your return home.

“Get close to nature!”

  • Mountain hikes with a guide

Travel is believed to have a beneficial effect on your well-being. We invite you on a hike up the Carpathian slopes. The magnificence of nature will be a true reward worth all the efforts taken. Climbing mountain tops will give you confidence and strength to conquer many of your life peaks later.

  • Staying overnight in a tent

An exotic addition to your holiday in the Carpathians. Only for a single night your comfortable bed will be replaced by a tent on a river bank. New feelings and sensations will take you back into the world of adventures and childhood memories.

  • Observing the night sky through a telescope

How often do you raise your head to look at the stars amid the rush of modern life? We offer you an exquisite opportunity to relive exciting moments and spend a night navigating the starry sky with the help of a telescope and astronomer’s tips. The world is much bigger above us than you might think!

  • A night by the bonfire

Fire is known to purify thoughts and grant you a peace of mind. You can spend a romantic evening by the bonfire on a river bank to enjoy Carpathian tea and a pleasurable conversation or alternatively retreat with your favorite book to the fireplace in a wooden cottage which will envelop you in its warmth and comfort.

“Regain your inner harmony!”

  • Morning yoga / exercising in the open air

Not only do physical exercises keep your body fit but they also clear up your mind. Moreover, when done in the open air, in the field, in the forest or by the river, in the morning mist or at sunset they will fill you up with a sense of harmonious reunion with nature and inspire the joy of life within.

  • Individual program for recovery and relaxation

The medical-SPA staff will select individual programs of massage, hydromassage, cosmetological procedures and the like to help you regain the lost balance and feel rested. Combined with administering mineral water procedures, swimming pool and sauna visits it will yield a great result in the end.

  • Dietic nutrition will help you balance your body functions, give you the feeling lightness and vigor.

You may also treat yourself to the exquisite dishes from our a la carte.

Refreshing your mind and body in a Carpathian style is an intrinsic part of the “switch-off” routine.

A soothing sleep on top of a beehive will make you relax, restore composure and bring back a sound sleep while inhaling propolis will make you healthier.

A relaxation and rehabilitation session in a salt cave will help you stop for a while and regain a peace of mind.

“Face your fears!”

  • New extreme challenges

From a wide range of extreme entertainments provided by TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa you can choose those that have long attracted your attention but which you somehow failed to try out. Speed, height, accuracy – what challenge are you going to accept this time?

Breathe in your life to the fullest at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa!