Offers included in the price:

  • Large pool with counterproduction (Depth - 1,60 - 2,20 m | Size - 6x12 m | Water temperature - 24-26 ° C)
  • Children's pool (Depth - 65 cm | Diameter - 180 cm | Water temperature - 28-32 ° C)
  • Jacuzzi (Water temperature - 26-30 ° C)
  • Finnish and Turkish saunas
  • Beach on the river Stryi

Our guests have an extraordinary opportunity to feel the healing effect of the mineral waters of our region.

We have selected the best springs for your healing. There is a modern well room with the most effective therapeutic water located on the territory of our complex.

Do you like getting your bones warmed up? The air of our sauna is moist and enriched with herbal healing oils. Vat will be a pleasant complement to it. Contemplating nature from it will give you maximum aesthetic pleasure.

Steaming and broom massage from our incomparable and adored by the guests master are real rituals! And then, without a second thought, dip into a river or snow, because it is also a great way to harden yourself! You simply can not deny yourself this pleasure!

We invite you to try our health and rejuvenating treatments at Taor Karpaty Resort & Spa. Our cosmetologists have magical hands. After innovative procedures, your skin and body will thank you for care and pleasant sensations. We offer all kind of services for your relaxation: manicure, pedicure, hairdresser; therapeutic and relaxing massage, stone therapy; services in the hammam. Want to make a pleasant surprise to a loved one? TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa offers to present a day of SPA as a gift! After a day at the spa, the level of the hormone of happiness will remain at the highest level!

TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa is considered a health resort, where you can not only relax and have fun, but also improve your health. Our doctor will help you to choose the appropriate wellness procedures based on the general health of the guest. Wellness at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa is a new impulse for health and energy for the whole body.

You will feel a recovery on all levels: physical, spiritual and mental after staying in our resort. Give yourself a feeling of inner lightness and cheerfulness for the whole year!

Children's SPA-menu has become popular recently. Switzerland is rightfully considered its homeland. It was there, at the end of 2009, that they introduced an absolutely innovative SPA offer for children for Europe.

For modern children experiencing serious stress at school, both physical and emotional, this kind of relaxation helps relieve stress, prevent possible diseases and get a good rest. The main objectives of the Children's SPA are: to teach children from an early age to take care of their health, to properly care for face and body skin, to think about “the beauty of nails” All children's cosmetic procedures are based on Gerard's natural Italian cosmetics.

Choose one of the SPA DAY packages and spend an unforgettable day in the SPA-center or give wonderful moments of pleasure to a loved one. For guests who do not live in the hotel complex, when buying any SPA DAY package, visit the aquazone as a gift!
Package medical offers that provide a comprehensive approach to solving a problem:"Healthy posture", "Anti-cellulite program", "Breathe freely", "Antistress for Her", "Antistress for Him", "Healthy plate". At your request, during a doctor's consultation, you can make an individual medical package that will meet your wishes and indications for treatment.