The Carpathian bath of our complex is intended for those who like to warm the stone. It is also called steam room. The temperature here sometimes reaches 80-110°C and averages around 60°C.

In addition, a bath is a great way of quenching because its principle is based on changing the temperature conditions. With regular visits to such a bath, the sebaceous glands are normalized, skin elasticity increases, excess water (respectively, and weight) goes from the body, metabolic processes are activated, and extra centimeters disappear just in front of the eyes.

Carpathian vat is a cast iron copper boiler, situated on the river bank in front of magnificent mountain landscape and in the open air. It is filled with spring water with Carpathian herbs and aromas and heated by firewood. With these baths you can regain your lost mobility, relieve joint pain, cure various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, heal old wounds.

The real ritual is steaming and a massage with a broom from our unique and adored by the bath attendant Vasyl! And then, without thinking for a while – you dive into the river or the snow, because it is also a great way to harden! You just can’t deny yourself that pleasure!


Carpathian bath (up to 6 people) – 700 UAH / 2 hours.

Carpathian vat on spring water (up to 6 people) – 1000 UAH/2 hours.
Carpathian vat in hydrogen sulfide water (up to 6 persons) – 1100 UAH/2 hours.

Additional person – 100 UAH
Whole body steaming with contrast and access to the mountain river – 220 UAH
Scrubbing – 280 UAH.


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