• Extremely active life is led by each of us now. Everyone is in a hurry, running and forgetting to notice the incredible beauty around. Call your family and friends and go to the Carpathians. The picturesque nature will enchant you and give you real pleasure.

    Active rest in the Ukrainian Carpathians

    I inspire the Ukrainian Carpathians ... they give wings to move forward, develop and realize incredible ideas. Active rest is a healthy way to recharge and recharge with new strength and energy.

    To fully enjoy nature, go hiking with our instructor, who will tell you many interesting stories. Also, you can take advantage of a great opportunity to ride a carriage or horse, and observe the beauty of nature at a faster pace.

    Jogging, cycling and electric scooters have a great effect on the muscles and awakening of the body. This is a fairly environmentally friendly mode of transport that improves mood and keeps the body in shape.

    Arrived with a large company? Spend an unforgettable evening with your family and friends, playing billiards and singing karaoke. It's always fun and atmospheric! Although billiards is considered a separate sport, it is also an intellectual game that helps to distract from everyday activities and relax to the fullest. A few songs in karaoke will be a great addition to a complete rest. Well, let's sing?

    Extreme entertainment at different times of the year at TAOR

    Karpaty Resort & Spa ****

    Do you like extreme? Do you crave new sensations and drive? Come to TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** for new emotions! Choose what you have long wanted to try or repeat it and rush forward to the active recreation of Lviv!ATV riding - a great opportunity to combine extreme with enchanting landscapes. No matter what the weather is. Drive emotions are guaranteed! Only forward!Do you want to take a long route? See different beautiful places that are a little further from our hotel? Book a trip in Jeeps and drive to the picturesque landscapes. Urban mountain slopes, Tustan, waterfalls and true nature. This is how her strength and power are felt in such places.It is said that from a height everything opens differently. Shall we check? Flying in a balloon or aeroshut is a great way to admire the beauty of the Carpathians from a bird's eye view. Oh, these incredible colors at sunset and sunrise…Want to test yourself for endurance? Rope Park is a cool place for both adults and children. Choose a route that you can overcome and move forward to victory. You are strong! Shall we check?Archery, crossbow or air rifle... Newbie? Try not to make a mistake and hit the target, because fate favors the stubborn. Carpathians - active corporate recreation in nature

    There is a lot of entertainment for corporate recreation in Skhidnytsia. Gather your employees and go to the mountains! Believe me, the charge of new forces and positive energy is guaranteed!

    Participate in team games, quests and board games, build a strong team and win. More fun together!

    Let's get to know the picturesque landscapes during active recreation in the Carpathians

    Let's get to know the picturesque landscapes during active recreation in the Carpathians

    Hiking in the mountains will give you many positive impressions. This is a real union with nature. Silence, calm and a light breeze. At such moments, you just want to stop time to enjoy this atmosphere enough. And our instructor will help to get acquainted with nature closer. Here are some interesting stories about plants, mushrooms and people's lives at different times, and your trip will be not only full of beauty, but also informative.

    Come to TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****! We will open nature for you from a new angle!