Rehabilitation in Skhidnytsia in the Carpathians

Take care of your body from time to time by giving a full rest in combination with health services. Modern man leads a very active and eventful lifestyle. Every day we face stress, important things and a lot of work. And, as always, everything needs to be done efficiently and quickly. Wellness rest will provide you with good health and a positive mood.

Health recreation in Ukraine

Ukraine is a picturesque country, rich not only in beautiful places and spacious landscapes, but also in medical tourism. In our country there are many different sanatoriums and SPA-centers to restore good health with quality filling of various procedures. You can easily combine travel with the healing of the body! To be healthy is to be happy!

The best place to restore vitality and positive energy is the Carpathians. After all, nature truly heals, gives a feeling of freedom and positive emotions. At any time of the year, the Carpathians are simply incredible. They attract with their beauty and variety.

How to combine a carefree holiday with recovery? Book accommodation in holiday complexes with their own spa centers and fully enjoy the holiday. Learn about medical programs and spa treatments and choose what your body needs!

Healing and recovery of the body in TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****

TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** is located near Skhidnytsia among the Carpathian forests. 20 separate family eco-cottages and 24 cozy hotel rooms for your comfortable rest. There is also a restaurant serving Ukrainian and European cuisine, a children’s hut with animator and a children’s playground, a variety of extreme entertainment, trout, a pump room of mineral waters and a Medical Spa Center for a great stay for each guest.

Our chief physician Lilia Lilak will be happy to consult and advise those spa treatments that your body needs. After the consultation, don’t forget to visit our Mineral Water Pump Room, where we have gathered the best sources of our region to improve your well-being and fill your body with energy.

Spa services for wellness in Medical Spa Center y TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****:

Pressure therapy

It is one of the good methods of weight loss. This procedure gives good results due to the precise impact on the problem areas. Tightens the skin and removes wrinkles.

Ozone therapy

Medical ozone is used in this method of treatment. Has an excellent effect on vascular diseases. It improves blood circulation and gas exchange.


Our specialist will select applications and tools individually according to your indicators. It is a great way to treat bronchopulmonary diseases.


Introduction of gaseous carbon dioxide under the skin, treatment of stretch marks


Relieve pain, restore muscle and joint mobility

Mud wraps

This is a great addition to your holiday. This procedure will make you look younger and healthier.

Hydro procedures

There is a wide selection of baths for your relaxation and complete relaxation.


Sleeping in hives is very useful for your body and has a good effect on your sleep, it will become even stronger and calmer.


A session in a salt cave will restore the mineral balance in your body and have a positive effect on the airways.


Exercise is very important for the development of every organism. Yoga classes not only soothe, balance, but also tighten your skin and give it elasticity and resilience.

Take time for yourself! To be healthy is to be happy!