Ozone therapy is a method of treatment using medical ozone. The use of medical ozone is especially effective in vascular diseases with severe hypoxia: angina, atherosclerosis, heart disease, coronary heart disease. Ozone activates metabolic processes at the cellular level, improves blood microcirculation and gas exchange.

It should be noted that regular courses of ozone therapy significantly improve the condition of patients with diabetes, cancer, AIDS and allow them to lead a normal life.

Ozone therapy has successfully replaced antibiotics in the treatment of inflammatory processes and infections.


What is ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy is an effective method of treatment based on the use of medical ozone. The procedure is attended for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

The principle of action is to saturate the body with oxygen, which activates anti-inflammatory and regenerative processes. During the procedure, glucose is absorbed and the hormonal background is adjusted.

There are various methods of ozone therapy. This is the use of intravenous drips, complex autohemotherapy using the patient’s own blood, ozone-oxygen insufflation. Ozone can be administered either intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Therapeutic properties of ozone therapy. What does ozone therapy treat?

Ozone therapy has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and immunomodulatory effects. This procedure is very useful for fighting viruses and infections. Doctors recommend it for diseases such as influenza, sore throat, SARS and seasonal decline in immunity. Ozone therapy is used to treat inflammatory processes and infections of various origins.

Systematic courses in ozone therapy improve the condition of patients with cancer, diabetes and allow them to lead a normal life. In neurology, this method is used to treat migraine, vascular dystonia, neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis of the spine.

Also, in gastroenterology, ozone therapy is used in the treatment of diseases of the stomach and duodenum, hepatitis, gastritis, chronic cholecystitis and esophagitis.

Ozone therapy in dermatology and cosmetology

Ozone therapy is a procedure used in various fields. Also in dermatology and cosmetology. Ozone cures and prevents most skin diseases. Not only does it get rid of cellulite, but it also removes scars and saturates the skin with oxygen, which prevents premature skin aging.

Cosmetologists use ozone to fight stretch marks and fat deposits.

How is the procedure performed? Is it available at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****?

The ozone-saturated solution is passed through a vial under the supervision of a healthcare professional who closely monitors the patient’s procedure and condition. In total, the session lasts about 30 minutes.

At our Medical Spa Center, guests have the opportunity to visit this procedure and improve their health. Before registering for the procedure it is necessary to make an appointment with the chief physician.

Medical ozone – what is it?

In medical institutions, ozone is obtained from oxygen in special devices. The ozone therapy device produces an ozone-oxygen mixture with a given concentration of ozone. Currently, there are many ways to use ozone in medicine.

The impact of ozone on humans and the benefits of ozone

There are two main methods of ozone therapy:

  • System
  • Local action

The first technique leads to the synthesis and conversion of biologically active substances, increases the activity of immune cells and improves blood properties. The second destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi.

All procedures are prescribed by a doctor individually.

After the first three sessions, the person feels changes and improvements. Take care of yourself!