We offer a wide variety of water pleasures!

Balneological services

Underwater shower-massage
Underwater shower-massage combined
Underwater shower-massage with additives
Underwater shower-massage with Bischofite
Pearl-vortex bath with additive
Pearl-vortex bath with Bischofite
Hydrogen sulfide bath
Bath for two “Peace of mind”
Cabarne Bath
Bath “Breath of the Czech Republic”
Forest Tale Bath
Cleopatra Bath
Cleopatra bath for two
Bath “Chocolate”
Baby bath “Milk drop”
Children’s bath “Milka”
Fructis children’s bath
Children’s bath “Health”
Shower Charcot
Scottish shower
Dry carbon dioxide bath with thermal vibrating massage


These pleasant treatments relieve tension and stress, raise your body tone and fill you up with incredible spirit! Choose the one you like the most!