Ideas for celebrating a birthday in the Carpathians

For everyone, birthdays are gifts, sincere wishes and a cheerful mood. These days all relatives and friends gather at one table and the real celebration begins. But there is always a question for the birthday boy – how to celebrate and where to organize a birthday. After all, I want to make this holiday unforgettable for everyone!

One of the right decisions is to gather everyone and go to the Carpathians, where a real mountain fairy tale reigns. Where to go in the Carpathians? Visit the hotel complex TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****, where our staff will help you choose a variety of entertainment for your birthday.

There are many special offers and ideas for celebrating a birthday in nature / restaurant:

Birthday for children:

  • – various master classes from our chef and animators;
  • – competitions and quests;
  • – quizzes;
  • – board games and playstation games
  • – Sweet table with cake.

For the youngest children you can order a babysitting service!

Offers gifts and birthday celebrations:

  • – a photo shoot in memory of the birthday boy and his relatives
  • – festive room decoration
  • – order flowers and helium balloons
  • – holiday cake
  • – live music and entertainment from the host in our restaurant
  • – thematic quests based on individual wishes
  • Extreme entertainment for adults and children

Also, you can order outsourcing services:

  • – If you want to combine extreme with incredible landscapes of the Carpathians, use the service “ATV Riding“;
  • – Do you want to see the mountain beauty from a bird’s eye view? Book a balloon flight;
  • – Do you want to try something for the first time? Order horseback riding and a carriage in a team! You will remember these emotions for a long time!

Our chef Rustam Khorkashev will help you make a festive menu for a birthday in nature or in a restaurant! It will be delicious and appetizing! Guests are full, you are satisfied!

Why in the Carpathians?

Because here you can truly relax, enjoy the picturesque landscapes, mountain nature, be filled with vital energy and fresh air. Cozy boiler rooms, family eco-cottages, a restaurant with a variety of dishes from chef Rustam Khorkashev, relaxing moments in our Medical Spa Center and the Pump Room of mineral waters. Come to TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** to get healthy, relax and feel the true happiness that life gives us.

When is it better to celebrate: Winter or Summer? Autumn or Spring?

It doesn’t matter at all. The Carpathians are beautiful at any time of the year! In winter, the snow completely covers the mountains and creates a real fairy-tale atmosphere. Spring is a time when nature wakes up and everything around blooms. The warmest year is summer. This is a great time for lovers of beaches, cocktail parties and gatherings until late at night by the fire. Autumn is a colorful time of the year that inspires us to hike in the mountains for mushrooms and berries, family gatherings by the fireplace with a cup of hot tea.

Celebrate, have fun and enjoy life! Make every day unique at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** together with your family and friends!

Interesting places in the Carpathians

The popularity of Carpathian resorts has always been out of competition, and over the years it has only grown. Here – all the conditions for a rich calm or active rest, recovery and relaxation. The Carpathians attract lovers of hiking and skiing, cyclists, horsemen who want to have fun with friends or relax comfortably with children.

Nature generously endowed the Carpathians with everything it could. Here – healing air, mineral springs, amazing panoramas, unique flora and fauna. Thousands of tourists come here to combine vacation with treatment. At the same time, local resorts, including the Taor Carpathian base, and local attractions are equally attractive at any time of the year: only the list of possible entertainment changes.

Developed tourist infrastructure provides convenient transport links. All major resorts or cities are within easy reach of the main centers and famous sights.

What exactly to look at?

When planning a busy program in the Carpathians, do not miss:

  • • Gorgany Nature Reserve. A corner of nature, almost untouched by man. Located in the heart of the Carpathians. Although the reserve was finally established only in 1996, its history began in 1935. Here is a unique influence for researchers of the Wurm ice age, which led to the emergence of specific landscapes, flora and fauna. In some places, even the original Arctoalpine vegetation has been preserved, and in the forest zone there is a natural massif of European cedar pine, the only one in Europe.
  • • Enchanted Land National Nature Park. Young, since 2009, a rapidly developing reserve. Created for the preservation and reproduction of natural complexes of the Eastern Carpathians. In addition to its aesthetic and environmental role, it has important scientific and recreational significance. On the territory – the river Borzhava and unique wetlands with beech forests. Another feature is the unique rock landscapes and biodiversity.
  • • Black Mountain Reserve. It consists of eight parts: five forests, two mountains and one valley. The border of the reserve is practically adjacent to the borders of Hungary and Romania. Area – more than 820 hectares. Black Mountain itself is a unique natural phenomenon with an absolute plain at an altitude of 560 meters. It is believed that its origin is due to the eruption of the volcano more than a thousand years ago. Here is the Valley of Daffodils.

This is only a small part of what is possible! Be sure to visit the high and picturesque Shipit waterfall, the mountain eye – Lake Synevyr, the world-famous souvenir market Yaremche, the unique rocks of Dovbush, the colorful Valley of Daffodils, the only one of its kind. Also, do not miss the numerous castles and ruins: Palanok Castle, Tustan Fortress, Nevytsky and Serednyansky castles, etc.

The choice of natural attractions is not limited at all. Among the well-known protected areas are the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, the Skole Beskydy National Park, and regional nature parks. In addition, every corner of the Carpathians is in fact a monument in itself. Just stop and look in all directions!

And to travel peacefully in the Carpathians and its surroundings, without worrying about comfortable living and household chores, come to our base TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa!

What should be taken into account when choosing a hotel?

When going on a trip, we carefully select the things we need to make your vacation or business trip as comfortable as possible. We are no less meticulous in choosing a place to stay, because a nice hotel with good staff and quality service will make the trip as uncomfortable as possible. However, what should you look for when choosing a hotel?

  • • First, it must be more than a hotel. For a family vacation in the Carpathians, it is always better to choose not just a hotel, but a holiday hotel complex with a playground or a special children’s room. Then a pleasant holiday, guaranteed to you and your children. For relaxation with friends, it is also advisable to choose a hotel with a swimming pool, with a large area where you can make noise. Of course, for business meetings, it is mandatory to have a conference room.
  • • Secondly, hotel rooms. As Olga Freimut says: “Despite the price of the room, everyone deserves its cleanliness.” Of course, looking at the photos of hotel rooms, because that’s how we set whether we like the hotel or not, we can not see how clean the room, but you should pay attention to the condition of plumbing and the appearance of dumps. The room must have a bed with orthopedic mattress, for healthy sleep, a set of towels and a hairdryer.
  • • Third, hotel services and service. Pleasant, knowledgeable and polite staff, it can be said, the business card of the hotel, because it is communication with people who create comfortable conditions for you, should be positive. You may think that choosing a hotel according to such criteria, the price per room will be quite high. But this is not so. There are hotels where affordable price and high quality are commensurate.

So, based on all this, we want to offer you a holiday in the hotel and entertainment complex TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa. This is a newly built hotel that wants to win over its customer, high service, a wide range of services and affordable prices. Here you will find real Ukrainian hospitality and European service that will not leave indifferent even the most demanding customer. In Skhidnytsia Hotel, TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa, you can choose both standard rooms for two and houses for large families and companies. For lovers of active recreation there is the possibility of hot air ballooning, ATVs, bicycles, shooting in the shooting range, picking mushrooms and berries, hiking with tents, rope park. For guests of the recreation center TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa is also available arestaurant that prepares delicious dishes of both Ukrainian and European cuisine. The complex has a playground, free parking and a beautiful view of the picturesque Carpathians.

We recommend the TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa.

What can you do at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa?

Do you want to feel something new and enrich your experience?


Do you want to feel something new and enrich your experience?

Then you need to have a horse carriage ride around the white Carpathians. Do you want to get an adrenaline rush? Let’s try to hit the snow-covered slope together! You can even order an ATV ride for additional charge! If you do not want to play winter games, you can play billiard. On the TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa’s territory you can also plan and organise Valentine’s Day by your own scenario – for example, arrange a romantic walk, light the fire and prepare a delicious barbecue on it.

TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa offers the best SPA in Ukraine where you can relax after an eventful day. You can visit the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, as well as a gym, during the whole period of your stay. As to say the icing on the cake from this SPA-centre for lovers will be a massage for two or a night pool with candles and a relaxing session in a salt cave.

Even if you arrived with your children, it is real in TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa to give vent to your emotion and enjoy the time spent together. There is a playground, childcare with nursery, a swimming pool and a club on our territory. Entertainers will organise various games, competitions, master classes for your children, so at this time you can relax with your beloved.

And if you are not married yet, but you have a true love and feel that this person is the one, then it’s the time to make a marriage proposal. Choose the most romantic place at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa hotel and recreation complex and make a marriage proposal for your beloved. Catch every moment on the video and take a photo session with a professional photographer, so that your happiest moments in life can be easily screened at home.

Make your vacation memorable with TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa.


Turkish hammam – what is special about it?

Turkish hammam owes its appearance to earlier Roman salt thermae. The first known bath-house belonged to the rulers of the Arab Caliphate in the 660-750s. Such hammams were built in a wild desert only later becoming an inalienable attribute of urban life. They were constructed in a such way to make the heat generated by a boiler with boiling water penetrate inside the room through holes in the walls.

Hammams were built on a large scale as visiting them was considered a mandatory ritual. You could see bath-houses in almost every village.

On the territory of Europe the hammam appeared in the 19th century. Germany, England and America were the first that discovered the benefits of Turkish bath. In those days visits to the hammam were prescribed for the treatment of the fever, colds, cholera, bronchitis and asthma.


Specificity of the Turkish bath

To understand the specifics how the hammam works it is necessary to determine how it differs from other types of steam rooms. It is believed that the eastern bath-houses are the most soft and delicate ones. The temperature in hammam varies within 30-60 degrees with humidity up to 100%.

Such temperature mode allows you to stay in this Turkish bath for hours. Lack of sharp contrasts involves gradual warming up and later a gradual decrease of body temperature. The room temperature usually changes from wall to centre. This makes each guest free to choose the ideal conditions for him / her.

Traditional Turkish hammam is decorated with marble to provide even heating. Everything from floor to beds and walls is made of marble. The classic interior features rich decorations and oriental ornaments. A dome-shaped ceiling provides a smooth drain of condensation along the walls. Pools and waterfalls are rather used for raising moisture.


Turkish hammam – benefits and contraindications


Among the useful properties of the Turkish hammam are the following:

  • Soft, gradual and deep warming of the body, relaxation and toning, improvement of regeneration;
  • Restoring of the body after injuries, increased overburdening;
  • Eliminating of muscle tension;
  • Withdrawal of lactic acid;
  • Improvement of blood supply and microcirculation;
  • Elimination of congestive processes in organs of the small pelvis and abdominal cavity;
  • Splitting of fat cells;
  • Opening of pores and skin cleansing;
  • Separation of keratinous cells;
  • Stabilization of exchange processes;
  • Strengthening of cardiovascular system;
  • Improvement of respiratory system;
  • Relief of stress, fatigue, and psychological stress.

Like other baths, hammam has a number of contraindications. First of all, it is the acute inflammatory processes of any group. Also, you should not be overheated in the case of pregnancy. One more reason to refuse even from a soft steam room is any disturbance of the cardiovascular system and severe diseases of the respiratory system such as asthma or tuberculosis. Hammam is contraindicated to people with dermatological diseases progressing in high humidity conditions.

Turkish hammam is a useful procedure for health improvement, general tone and mood if you take into account its features and contraindications in advance. We provide an opportunity to fully enjoy the benefits of Turkish bath while testing it on your own and have a good vacation in Ukraine.