Why should you come to celebrate Easter in the Carpathians?

One of the most important Christian holidays, which symbolizes physical and spiritual rebirth, is Easter. For Ukrainians, it’s not just colorful Easter eggs and Easter cakes. This is a bright and joyful holiday, for which we prepare in advance, following the traditions. This is a day when they believe in miracles!
Easter in the heart of the Carpathians at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** is a great opportunity to truly experience the miraculous power of nature and immerse yourself in family comfort with your family and friends.

Traditions and rites of celebrating Easter 2021

Easter is a great holiday for each of us. From childhood, grandparents and parents tell and teach children to follow the traditions and rituals of celebration. It is impossible to imagine Ukrainian Easter without Easter eggs, which are decorated and painted in different colors on Easter Thursday. After all, the egg is a symbol of life and birth. On Good Friday, all families of mothers and daughters bake Easter cakes. Easter is the bread of angels, the bread of eternal life that came down from heaven to feed people with spiritual nourishment. On Holy Saturday, all family members gather together to decorate the holiday basket. With a good mood and joy in their souls, people rush to the Divine Liturgy to consecrate food and congratulate each other on this wonderful holiday. Usually, the whole family gathers for a festive table for fun and communication. On this day, there is a joyful festive atmosphere around. Another attribute of the Easter holidays are gays. These are folk songs that call for spring. They are mostly performed by children and unmarried girls.

майстер клас для дітей до великодня

Mountains are a place of natural strength and vital energy. This is a great place to connect with nature. It is in this atmosphere with your family that you can truly experience the magic of celebrating Easter. Want to know how to paint Easter eggs? Every village in the Carpathians has its own traditions and ways to decorate them. By visiting local masters, you can try to create real masterpieces. Also, local housewives will reveal the secrets of cooking fragrant cakes. If you have the opportunity, be sure to visit the Easter fairs, where you can buy a lot of homemade delicacies and souvenirs made by hand by craftsmen.

святкування великодня в Таор

How is Easter celebrated at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****?

We invite you to a loud family celebration of Easter at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****. Every year we prepare an interesting and rich program for you! Consecration of baskets, various master classes from our animators for adults and children, culinary master classes, a fair, festivities and a delicious lunch in the fresh air, parties from actors of the Lviv Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater named after Yuri Drohobych and a musical evening in our restaurant. Gather your family and friends and celebrate this wonderful holiday with us in the heart of the Carpathians!

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