Ideas on how to spend St. Nicholas Day with children

Both children and adults are looking forward to winter. After all, at this time the festive mood is burning around and there are premonitions of magic and fairy tales in the air. New Year’s and Christmas songs are heard everywhere, lights flicker from shop windows, it smells of tangerines and warm cocoa. Winter is a time for celebrations, meetings with relatives and warm hugs.

St. Nicholas Day is a fairy tale for children

One of the most popular and anticipated holidays for children is St. Nicholas Day. It is a holiday of magic and fulfillment of dreams. After all, everyone knows that on the night of December 18-19, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker comes to every home and puts sweets and gifts under the pillow for obedient children.

Is it true or not? Is it a fairy tale or a reality? Where did this holiday come from?

In 208 BC a boy named Nicholas was born in Pattari. He was a good boy who was raised in love and taught to respect people. That is why he was very upset by the poverty and misery of the city’s residents and he secretly helped them as much as he could. After the death of his parents, Nicholas distributed all his inheritance to the poor and, returning from Palestine, became a priest. All people considered Father Nicholas a saint. After all, with the help of prayer, which was sincere and came from the heart, he worked real miracles: he healed the crippled and the sick, calmed the storm and saved those doomed to death. He loved and appreciated everyone!

After his death, on December 19, 345, he was canonized for his good deeds and sincerity in serving God. In his honor, the tradition was preserved – on this day to give each other gifts and do good deeds.

In general, there is no specific time for good deeds… So do good and help others! And remember, it all comes back a hundredfold!

St. Nicholas Day with children in the mountains

To truly experience the magic of the holiday, gather your loved ones and go to the mountains. After all, the snow-white Carpathians create a real winter fairy tale, as well as give a number of different activities. This can be: sledding, skiing or snowboarding; hiking trails in the winter Carpathians; ATV riding, jeeping and hot air ballooning. From a bird’s eye view, everything looks even more interesting and fabulous.

Go to the Carpathians for one day and spend this day rich and interesting. Do you want to book a cottage or a hotel room and spend a few days in the mountains? Not a problem. Now there are many options for different vacation plans. Choose and relax!

Celebration of St. Nicholas Day in the Carpathians

Every year the TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** organizes a real fairy tale for children on St. Nicholas Day. At the beginning of December, the hotel staff will start decorating the area with bright lights, Christmas toys and Christmas decorations, so that guests are fully immersed in the festive atmosphere. Everything around shimmers with different colors, and the snow-white snow on the roofs and Christmas trees adds fabulousness.

Also, the kid is actively preparing for this holiday together with our animator in the Children’s House. Children learn poems, prepare holiday images, dance to New Year’s songs and create thank-you cards for St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Everyone is preparing with trepidation in their hearts to meet and receive gifts!

The main celebrations take place on December 18 and 19. From the very morning begins active training, aqua makeup, wearing costumes and dresses, repetition of poems and performances by actors of the Lviv Academic Regional Music and Drama Theater of  Yuri Drohobych, during which Mykola comes to the children and gives sweet gifts.

The next day from the very morning you can hear cheerful children’s laughter, you can see the happy lights in the eyes of happy children who received their desired gifts. Children’s animator organizes a fun and active day for kids, holds various contests, games and competitions, creative workshops for all ages and outdoor activities.

Winter is a time to see! Dream, because dreams have the ability to come true!