Interesting facts about Catholic Christmas: traditions and symbols

Winter is characterized by a large number of holidays. Catholic Christmas is considered to be one of the greatest and most important in the world. This holiday is celebrated on December 25, when according to biblical stories the Virgin Mary gave birth to our Savior – Jesus Christ. The whole period before Christmas is called Advent, and dinner on the 24th is Christmas Eve. It is a special family holiday that fills people’s hearts with love, warmth and mercy.

Symbols of Catholic Christmas

The main symbols of this holiday are the Christmas tree and the Advent wreath. It consists of spruce branches and hangs from the outside on the front door of houses. Also, some people decorate it with four candles, which are lit alternately before Christmas. The Christmas tree is decorated with various colored balls, serpentines, garlands and it creates a romantic and emotional mood during all the holidays.

Another important symbol is the shopka, which depicts the scene of the birth of Jesus Christ. In the shop you can see the Virgin Mary, Joseph, little Jesus, sages from the East with gifts, angels and lambs. It is mostly installed on the feast of the Blessed Virgin – December 8.

In some countries it is customary to decorate rooms and the holiday table decorated with various spices, oranges. They are called – pomanders. They draw various patterns, decorate everything around and these fragrant Christmas symbols, with their wonderful aroma, fill the whole house.

In addition, many other holiday symbols are used, such as candles, gifts, bells, greeting cards and more.

Interesting traditions of celebrating Catholic Christmas

The celebration of Christmas begins on Christmas Eve. Its name comes from a special dish that is always prepared for dinner – kuti. Kutia consists of wheat, which is seasoned with honey, candied fruit, raisins, poppies.

As soon as the first Star of Bethlehem rises in the sky and announces the birth of Jesus Christ, the whole family gathers around the feast table. They eat a variety of songs, pray, sing carols. The very next day after visiting the churches, everyone celebrates Catholic Christmas. There must be a turkey on the holiday table on this day. In some countries, depending on tradition, use goose or duck, which is baked with apples. But in Scandinavia, pigs are slaughtered and various smoked dishes are prepared. And even before Christmas, special cakes are baked in which wishes for the whole next year are placed inside. Such cakes are served to all who come to visit on holidays.

Where to spend Catholic Christmas in the Carpathians?

Catholic Christmas is a bright and emotional holiday that you want to spend with your dearest people, friends in a wonderful and cozy atmosphere.

There are many places for this in the Carpathians. You can visit the Mariinsky Spiritual Center in Zarvanytsia, the Silver Sheshorsky Waterfalls, the residence of St. Nicholas in the village of Pistyn, the souvenir market and the aveduk bridge in Vorokhta, the contact zoo “Hutsul Land” in Bukovel. If you want to relax with pepper, you can visit the Pepper Mountain, where you can take part in master classes in laziness, sheep breeding, cheese making and wood carving.

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