Coworking in the Carpathians

Coworking in the Carpathians

It has become a trend among young people to work from home and even do business online. It is quite convenient and comfortable, but there are some drawbacks. After all, this is loneliness. You don’t have to lock yourself in four walls to do business.

Coworking is one of the new and original ways to feel part of the team. This is especially great for freelancers. For example, designers, programmers and brokers can work in one room. Thus, a business atmosphere is created and it has a very good effect on work efficiency. And given the fact that mostly coworking is paid, the motivation for quality work becomes even higher.

Do you want to organize and conduct coworking in an original way in some new place? After all, in modern life we ​​all need changes and innovations. Assemble a company and come to the Carpathians! They know how to inspire and charge energy for new ideas and fruitful work.

What is coworking?

Coworking is a way of working several people in one room, who perform different work using different skills and knowledge. The word “coworking” translates as “collaboration”. The workspace can be anything: offices, libraries, offices and even cafes, which has become quite a popular option among young people. That’s where people of different professions gather and everyone does their job.

Also, a great option for coworking – are comfortable conditions in the Carpathians, which provide various hotel complexes. One of them is the hotel TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****, which is located in the Carpathian Mountains and 9 km from the resort town of Skhidnytsia.

Here are all the conditions for long-term coworking. The hotel offers:

  • Comfortable hotel rooms for two people (with sliding beds, bathroom and some rooms have balconies).
  • Safe area that is protected 24/7. The hotel is far from cities, in nature.
  • The conference hall is designed for 100 people. Comfortable chairs, innovative technical equipment, modern interior, high-speed Internet, organization of coffee bars and lunches.

  • Restaurant of Ukrainian and European cuisine with panoramic windows on the charming Carpathians and delicious dishes from chef Rustam Khorkashev. Breakfast – Swedish line – included in the price.
  • Medical Spa Center for recovery and recovery of strength and relaxation. A doctor’s consultation and visits to the aquazone (adult and children’s pools, jacuzzi and sauna) are included in the price. Also, we offer to order medical services to improve well-being, cosmetology services – take care of your skin!
  • The pump room of mineral waters is located on the territory – the best mineral springs of the region in our country! * Before taking water, consult a doctor who will be happy to help you choose individually mineral water for your body
  • Extreme entertainment. After all, not only to work, you also need to take care of your physical and emotional state. Choose and recharge with energy and drive! ATV riding, hot air ballooning, archery and air rifle shooting, room quest of your choice, etc.

Coworking in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk

The most common coworking is in cities such as Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and others. The organizers rent a certain room and equip it for people from different specialties. These can be both companies and cafes, certain institutions, on top of the epicenter and the library.

However, the cities are always very noisy, the constant traffic is distracting.

Advantages of coworking in the Carpathians:

  • Calmness and concentration
  • The Carpathians inspire and saturate with vital energy
  • Hiking or sitting by the river helps to feel and open your own path to creativity
  • Clean air, which fills the body with useful trace elements and gives a “fresh” mind
  • Delicious and healthy food from natural products

Nature helps to find harmony and the path to success! And, if you are also surrounded by purposeful people, then this result is accelerated!