The most popular Carpathian dishes

As they say: “It’s delicious everywhere, but in Ukraine it’s the tastiest.” Many people who come to visit us highly praise Ukrainian dishes, because all of them are not just tasty, but made with love.

We are a very friendly people… we like parties, celebrations, feasts… We like to spend time with our relatives in a big family circle.

National Ukrainian cuisine

National cuisine is an integral part of the culture of every nation, which has been formed over many centuries. The formation of Ukrainian cuisine depends on the location, favorable climate for fertility and cultural exchange between peoples.

Ukrainian national cuisine reflects the character of the Ukrainian people: it is generous and loves more than anything. It is especially rich in products made from wheat flour, in the wide use of pork, vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, onions…

Ukrainian cuisine and the Carpathians

A trip to the Carpathians is not only beautiful landscapes, clean air, nature and walks. These are also delicious Ukrainian dishes that you simply cannot tear yourself away from!

Do you want to get to know Ukrainian culture better? Then it’s time to visit for a tasting.

Restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa****

Come to the hotel TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa****, on the territory of which there is a restaurant serving Ukrainian and European cuisine. With the light hand of a talented chef, natural and ecologically clean products are transformed into incredibly tasty dishes. You should try it!

In the restaurant, you can use: main menu, drink menu, children’s menu, dessert menu, seasonal menu, order complex lunches and dinners, breakfasts and dishes from the “Healthy food” or “Detox menu”.

A spacious restaurant with panoramic windows and a children’s room is a great place for family gatherings and romantic evenings. Beautiful decoration and a wonderful combination of delicious dishes with panoramic views of the forest Carpathians and live music will create an unforgettable atmosphere.

You should try these dishes:

  • Carpathian forshmak
  • Trio of lard with croutons and cucumber
  • Potato dumplings with sour cream or mushroom sauce
  • Meat dumplings
  • Stuffed stuffed cabbage rolls with white mushroom machanka
  • Boykiv borscht with sour cream and juniper lard and toast
  • Transcarpathian player
  • Carpathian mushroom soup from porcini mushrooms
  • Dumplings with: meat and duck, with potatoes and mushroom sauce, with stewed cabbage and cracklings, with cherry and honey

Also, you can buy products of own production from TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa****. Delicious liqueurs, pickles, adjika, jam, Carpathian tea, honey and natural candies. Choose and taste!