The program is designed for people who want to relax from the fast pace of life, “reboot”, be in harmony with themselves.

The purpose of the program: restoration of physical and psycho-emotional state of the person,

improvement of state of health, rejuvenation of soul and body.

Duration: 3 days

Program course:

  1 day 2 day 3 day
1 Bath “Cleopatra” Bath “Forest tale” Bath “Peace of mind”
2 Stone Therapy Turkish Paradise (Hammam) Toffa Massage
3 Speleotherapy Speleotherapy Speleotherapy
4 Darsonval (comb) Chocolate euphoria (wrap) Darsonval (comb)


Your achievements:

Feeling of lightness.

An extraordinary influx of strength and energy.

Full range of positive emotions and relaxation.

The price of your restoration: 4300 hryvnias