Children’s SPA-menu has become popular recently. Switzerland is rightfully considered its homeland. It was there, at the end of 2009, that they introduced an absolutely innovative SPA offer for children for Europe.
For modern children experiencing serious stress at school, both physical and emotional, this kind of relaxation helps relieve stress, prevent possible diseases and get a good rest.
The main objectives of the Children’s SPA are: to teach children from an early age to take care of their health, to properly care for face and body skin, to think about “the beauty of nails”
All children’s cosmetic procedures are based on Gerard’s natural Italian cosmetics.

We invite you to travel the world of SPA Kids!

Delicious baths

Milk bath
Chocolate bath
Fruit bath
Bath health

Children’s massages

“Gingerbread Man” (massage for babies)
“Baby” (children’s general massage)
“Little Prince / Princess (back, leg and hand massage with almond oil and essential oils)
Massage for two beauties (general children’s massage and mother’s back massage)
Massage for knights (children’s general massage and father’s back massage)
Anti-scoliosis massage “Schoolchildren”
Underwater shower-massage

Stop the cold

Breathe Free Inhalation
“Hike to the salt cave”
Apitherapy “Visiting bees”

Children’s cosmetology

“Fairy sorceress” (facial massage)
“Vitaminka” (care for your child’s face with the use of grape and strawberry yogurt, which will saturate the skin with vitamins, trace elements and milk enzymes)
“Chocolate cloud” (Care for the skin with a natural chocolate mask, an unforgettable aroma which will improve your mood and give a feeling of peace and comfort)
“Snow White” (Facial skin care with a peat-based mask, which perfectly cleanses, moisturizes and soothes irritated skin)
“Cinderella’s Dream” (Care for problem skin with a tendency to acne, increased fat secretion and signs of irritation based on aloe and propolis)

Beauty and care

“Magic Fingers” (Manicure for children and teenagers)
“Magic legs” (Pedicure for children and teenagers)
“Artistic manicure” (Varnish and pictures)
“Handle / footprint” (Paraffin therapy for hands and feet)

Therapeutic procedure

Individual lesson with a child with a set of exercises