Comprehensive hair and scalp care: Raywell cosmetic line (Italy).

DETOX is a treatment procedure aimed at eliminating scalp problems (against dandruff; against hair loss; for oily scalp).

HYDRA – a procedure designed for dry, damaged and curly hair.

BOTOX-KERATIN – hair restoration procedure. The active ingredients make the hair strong and shiny.

Comprehensive hair and scalp care
cosmetic line Raywell (Italy)


Against dandruff. For oily scalp. Against hair loss

Therapeutic procedure, the action of which is aimed at eliminating scalp problems, is also carried out
moisturizing the hair along its entire length.


The procedure is designed for dry, damaged and curly hair. The active ingredients nourish, protect the hair, give it silkiness, live shine and make combing easier.


Active ingredients strengthen hair, make it flexible and elastic, activate processes
metabolism and hair growth, make strands more alive, voluminous and shiny, as well as strong and elastic. The active ingredients penetrate and restore the molecular structure of the hair, filling the damage.