What is team building: goals, types, ideas for the organization

Full-fledged rest is important for quality and productive work. The best place to regain strength and recharge your batteries is the Carpathians. Nature inspires new accomplishments!

Have fun with the team in the Carpathians. How to strengthen team spirit?

Go to the Carpathians and strengthen your team spirit. Need new ideas? Are employees tired of routine work? Make your everyday life full. Combine leisure with work and get much more productivity and novelty.

Come to the hotel TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****, which is located in the heart of the Carpathians. Our conference manager will be happy to help you to allocate time productively and have fun and actively spend an unforgettable vacation in nature.

What is team building

The main goals of team building:

strengthen team spirit;

learn to work in harmony in a team: listen to each other, support and help;

stock up on new ideas;

get to know your colleagues better;

learn and try something new together.

Strong team spirit in business is the key to productive work

Team support and the same goals for employees is an important guarantee of productive work. After all, work is our second home. If there is support and mutual understanding, then this is a real strong family that is very difficult to overcome. It is worth being at the top of the market! She is not afraid of difficulties and competition!

To better understand the pros and cons of employees – you need to take them out of the comfort zone. Arrange a competition, a hike, a quest or a quiz. Believe me, employees will like it, and you will help to improve productivity at work.

Teambuilding in nature at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****

Teambuilding in nature at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****

Do you prefer outdoor activities? Then come to a picturesque place in TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** and create an unforgettable vacation.

Extreme services we offer:

ATV riding or jeeping – a great combination of extreme, drive and beautiful scenery. Book trips to the charming Carpathians and discover interesting places. Our instructor will advise you and suggest the best route to make the trip safe and exciting!

Rope park – a good way to relax, test yourself for strength and have fun as a team. The Carpathians are inspiring!

Room quest – intellectual tasks and logic testing. Which of the participants will be chosen first? Choose the quest room “Hideout of Captain Yarema” or “Around the world in 60 minutes” and immerse yourself in the world of adventures and mysteries!

Paintball – active recreation is provided! Play and win! Be smart and fast!

Picnic with a basket – exciting and interesting! The picturesque landscapes of the Carpathians inspire, fill with new strength and positive emotions. Clean fresh air, mushrooms and wild berries, birds singing and the noise of the mountain river Stryi … peace and quiet!

Karaoke billiards – a great holiday for companies. The cozy atmosphere provides a good opportunity to have a fun evening. A great addition to a great holiday!

Saturated corporate vacation in the Carpathians

Relaxation treatments at the Medical Spa Center are a great addition to a relaxing stay. Regain strength, get healthy and give your body a real rest!

We invite you to visit the Pump Room of mineral waters, which is located on the territory of TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****. Mineral springs will fill your body with useful microelements and improve your well-being. Transfer with the use of water, consult our doctor!

Travel brings new discoveries! After all, our nature is incredible… Travel and explore the world with the team!