Why choose autumn Carpathians for rest?

Looking for autumn vacation options? A great place is the picturesque Carpathians, which in autumn turn into a real colorful palette of shades: red, orange, orange and green. Nature is a real magic that surprises, inspires and restores vitality and fills with positive energy.

Куди поїхати в Карпати осінню на відпочинок?

Where can you go in the Carpathians in the fall for a vacation?

There are many picturesque places in the Carpathians, from which it is simply impossible to break away and take your breath away from the grandeur and beauty.

Shipit Waterfall – is one of the most beautiful waterfalls, surrounded by an incredible Bukovsky forest. It is here that you can often meet groups of schoolchildren, students and foreigners who came to see this beauty.

Lake Synevyr is a pearl of the mountains, which is surrounded by an ancient coniferous forest. One of the largest lakes in Ukraine, located at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level.

Bukovel – the largest and one of the best ski resorts in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Autumn is a great time to take a tour of Bukovel and enjoy this ideal place.

Dovbush Rocks is a magical place with picturesque landscapes.

Tustan Fortress is a unique archaeological site of nature, built in the 19th century as a strategic, administrative and military point for the salt route. It is here that peace reigns and it seems that nature envelops you in its arms.

Travel and discover places unknown to you. Nature knows how to surprise!

Відпочинок осінню в Карпатах

What can you do in autumn in the Carpathians?

Choose the type of vacation you love, gather your family and friends and go on a busy vacation in the Carpathians.

Conquer the peaks, go hiking and truly unite with nature. Delicious wild berries, fragrant mushrooms, peace and quiet. A walk through the Carpathian forest calms, inspires, fills the body with clean fresh air, and the singing of birds and the light noise of the spring awaken new strength and remind that nature does not sleep. Great place to get inspired by new ideas and reboot.

The Carpathians can also be unpredictable. The weather in the mountains is quite changeable. The sun is shining and it seems that the heat will be all the way. But climbing the mountain, the breeze reminds me of myself. So do not forget about warm clothes and fragrant Carpathian tea.

Book accommodation in Carpathian holiday resorts and spend a few days carefree in nature.

Autumn vacation in the Carpathians in TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****

TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** is a place of healing power of nature and life energy, as it is located in the heart of the Carpathians in the village of Korytyshche. Why such a name? The recreation complex is surrounded on all sides by a picturesque Carpathian forest, which seems to embrace the place and completely unites man with nature. The mountain river Stryj flows from the side, which gives vitality and awakens the body.

Autumn vacation at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** is a combination of relaxation and wellness. Our specialists will take care of your well-being, and the chief doctor Lilak Lilia Oleksiivna will give useful advice for leading a healthy lifestyle and will reveal the secrets of how to follow them in the future. Use our services and rejuvenate yourself: massages, baths, cosmetology, bath and tub, spa programs and medical programs.

Also, on our territory the Pump room of mineral waters is located. Visit it after consulting a doctor and fill your body with useful trace elements.

Want to awaken drive feelings? Take advantage of the extreme services available at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** and spend a rich holiday in the mountains.