Winter festivals held in Skhidnytsia and the Carpathians

Winter is a magical time of the year, filled with bright events and merry celebrations. This is a period of warm hugs, family gatherings, warming mulled wine by the fireplace and a festive mood. Flashing lights, snow flakes outside the window and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree complement the atmosphere and remind of the magic of this time.

Also, many different festivals are organized in winter. Relatives and friends gather together and take an active part in folk festivals. Festivals are always fun, bright and atmospheric. Christmas fairs, performances and nativity scenes, wine festivals, festivities and unique events.

Winter festivals in Zakarpattya

The winter festival period begins with the New Year and Christmas fairs. They create a festive atmosphere and comfort. In every town in the squares you can see small wooden houses filled with various toys and original souvenirs.

A solemn Mykolaychyk Parade takes place in Uzhhorod every year on December 19. On this day, many people come to watch the grand event, known throughout Ukraine. Many little helpers of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker change into costumes with white beards and march through the streets of the city with a bag of sweets and Christmas carols. They hand out candies to each passerby and invite them to the Main Christmas tree.

One of the most famous festivals is the Festival of Christmas Nativity Scenes in Beregovo. This is the most colorful holiday, filled with traditions, decorations and images, which truly fills the soul with warmth and gives a Christmas atmosphere.

January is the brightest month of winter festivals. During this period, Mukachevo celebrates the Red Wine Festival, which is usually held on Old New Year. Many people gather not only from Ukraine, but also come from abroad to feel this atmosphere and the color of the holiday. There are entertainment program, wine tasting, performances by artists, driving Lightning, various competitions and fairs.

“Transcarpathian Nativity Scene” in Uzhgorod and Khust gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy Ukrainian carols and see a real Transcarpathian nativity scene.

Winter sports competitions, entertainment program and tasting of Ukrainian dishes take place in the village of Sinyak during the festival “In the snowy Carpathians”, which causes fireworks of emotions and unforgettable impressions.

A festival of gentesh takes place in the village of Gecha in the Beregiv region. This is a grand holiday for the stomachs, because genteshi are butchers of pigs. During the festival you can see the preparation of different types of meat, and delicious Transcarpathian wine complements the flavors and makes the holiday even more colorful.

On Valentine’s Day in Uzhgorod is a flash mob festival “Day of Love on the Bridge of Love.” On this day, all couples in love hang iron locks, which symbolize their love. Also, castles are often decorated with various ribbons and bows.

Forshong Balls are real Hungarian carnival festivals that take place in several villages of Uzhhorod district. Theatrical performances, costume parades, food and wine tastings and an unforgettable entertainment program.

Holiday events at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****

Winter in TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** is also full of festive events. Winter holidays begin with St. Andrew’s parties, which will amuse, remind of Ukrainian traditions and delicious dishes. On December 19, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker will visit us, who will give presents to children and a positive mood and joy in the eyes of adults. We will celebrate Catholic Christmas and, having made a wish, we will celebrate the New Year. Remember, dreams come true! Let’s taste a delicious dinner and celebrate Christmas in the family circle. We take merry dances to Malanky and take a dip in the river Stryj on Jordan to get rid of negativity and get better. And finally, we will present a real romance to couples in love on Valentine’s Day.

It will be fun and full! Celebrate with us in the heart of the Carpathians, among the real nature and cozy atmosphere!