Advantages of the hotel by the river. the main rivers in carpathian

TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** – a hotel located in the heart of the Carpathians by the river Stryi

The family-run eco-hotel TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** is located in a beautiful and picturesque place, surrounded by mountain forest and the river Stryi. Magical sunny mornings, peace and quiet, and only hear the noise of a mountain river and birds singing. It is verbally difficult to convey all the pleasure, you need to come, immerse yourself in this fabulous place and truly feel the power of nature. Time to return to nature – it is our main phrase of hotel.

The mountain river Stryj originates in the Carpathians and is a right tributary to the Dniester River. It is a fast river with a mountainous character, which has a narrow valley. The approximate width of the river is from 10 to 30 m in the upper reaches and up to 150 m in the lower reaches.

The valley of the river Stryy mostly runs in the Eastern Carpathians, and in the lower reaches it reaches the Carpathian Upland, after merging with the Resistance. The river flows into the Dniester River 10 km from Zhydachiv, about 240 meters above sea level. It contains several tributaries, the largest of which is Resistance.

Advantages of the hotel by the river

Advantages of the hotel by the river

The combination of clean mountain air, comfortable living, a variety of services, forests and rivers – this is a rather rare phenomenon for hotels. After all, you mostly have to choose, and it’s quite difficult to do.


Cool mountain river Stryi – great for healing and hardening of your body. Especially has a wonderful effect after visiting the bath and tub.

Try extreme services such as rafting, quad biking and jeep riding across the river and get new experiences and emotions.

Charming photos against the backdrop of the Carpathian forest, mountains and the river Stryi. True immersion and unity with nature…

TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** is a picturesque place where everyone can find something to their liking. Travel and get to know our country! After all, Ukraine has a lot of beautiful and charming places that are breathtaking!

The main tourist rivers in the Carpathians

White Cheremosh

White Cheremosh is considered to be the most capricious and extreme river in the Carpathians. If you love such a sport as rafting, then this river is just for you. After all, it is quite high-water and often changes its course, which is a great characteristic for extremes.


It is the second largest river in Ukraine, after the Tisza – a river with the steepest rapids and a sharp current. The Dniester originates near the village. Vovche, Lviv. Walking along the river you can admire the enchanting landscapes and picturesque landscapes. Fish and carry out affairs on rafts.


The Prut River is a Carpathian pride and is mentioned in the chronicles of the 17th century. The source of this river begins on the slopes of Hoverla. It contains many mountains and waterfalls.

What rivers flow in the Carpathian mountain?

White and Black Cheremosh, Prut, Stryi, Opir, Bystritsa, Uzh and other rivers flow in the Carpathians. Do you like fishing and the noise of a mountain river? Gather your friends and go hiking, which will give you new strength and fill you with vital energy!