Epiphany in Ukraine. It is an article about the Epiphany in Ukraine

The Baptism of the Lord (Epiphany) is celebrated annually in Ukraine on January 19. This holiday is the third and final of the Christmas cycle (it is popularly called the Jordan or Epiphany).

It commemorates the baptism of Jesus Christ, who came from Nazareth to the Jordan River at the age of 30, where he and others were baptized by John, who was later named Baptist. Orthodox and Greek Catholics believe that this holiday testifies to the sacrament of the Holy Trinity, because on this day God appeared before people in three guises: in voice – God the Father, in the flesh – the Son of God and in the form of a dove the Holy Spirit.

The essence of this holiday is that Jesus Christ, who was sinless, took upon himself all human sins and showed that he wanted to follow the path determined for him to the end.

Interesting facts about the feast of Epiphany

On Holy Evening on the eve of Epiphany, a strict fast is established. Dinner dishes such as pancakes, dumplings with cabbage, kutia, compote and others are served for dinner. According to tradition, on the night of January 19, the girls performed baptismal divinations on their convict and the fate that befell them.

In the morning on the Epiphany in the temples are held festive services and a special rite of consecration of water, after which people store this water in their homes and use it to heal from many diseases and protect their homes. On the eve of the holiday in villages where there are ponds, rivers or lakes, locals cut down a hole in the form of a large cross (also called Jordan) and at Epiphany priests perform the rite of baptism of water and mass bathing the water of this day is considered healing.

There are traditions to consecrate on this day with holy water your home, animals, you can drink water in the morning on an empty stomach for healing and use it as protection from evil. The respectful attitude of the Ukrainian people to the most important holidays, such as Epiphany, reflects the attitude to the eternal values, traditions and meaning of our lives.

Celebration in the Carpathians

From time immemorial, the water dedication ceremony for the Epiphany took place in the open air on the banks of rivers and lakes. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of this holiday, to learn all its essence will help you hotel TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****, located in the heart of the Carpathians near Skhidnytsia. The beautiful Carpathian nature will fill you with inner harmony, help to restore strength, and participation in the Epiphany celebration will join the Ukrainian traditions, add vigor and zeal.

TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** has developed a special program for the celebration of the Epiphany, which provides a number of locations:

  1. For the most courageous – it is immersion with his head in the icy healing water, after the priest consecrated the rite of consecration of water.
  2. Visit the Carpathian vat with hot healing water to warm up and relax.
  3. Aquazone for children and adults with thermal pools and Jacuzzi, because on this day all the water is consecrated and is considered especially useful for the human body.
  4. Treating with tinctures of medicinal mountain herbs and berries of own production and hot mulled wine.
  5. A variety of workshops for children, outdoor motorbikes, board games for the whole family and a karaoke bar for adults and their friends.

Our ancestors believed in the healing power of nature, which gives them energy for active living, continuous development and procreation. TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** will provide you with such a comprehensive combination of man and nature that will restore harmony in the soul and cheerful mood.