Fabulous lakes of the Carpathians

Lakes of the Carpathians, Skhidnytsia

Very often, especially in the stifling summer heat, we want to escape from the noisy bustle of big cities and go to a place where it is easy to breathe, where it smells of flowering herbs, and birdsong echoes with the rustle of leaves and needles. And there is no better place than the majestic Carpathians. It is a protected area, famous for its pristine beauty, pristine mountains, emerald forests, stormy waterfalls, flowering meadows and the cleanest ponds. But, of course, you can most enjoy the freshness and coolness near the sky-blue lakes of the Carpathians, which locals affectionately call “sea eyes”. Most of them are located in the range from 1400 to 1800 meters above sea level, and the history of their creation dates back to the Ice Age.

In addition to natural reservoirs in the Carpathians, there are many beautiful rivers, artificial lakes and ponds, which are created on the territory of medical and recreational complexes and recreation centers.

These lakes provide an opportunity to swim and sunbathe in summer, as well as fishing. Thus, in the village of Opaka near Skhidnytsia there is a trout, which can be used for trout or sturgeon fishing. This fish for you can be cooked immediately on the grill, hot-smoked, fried in oil or stuffed. Everything is your choice.

The most famous lakes in the Carpathians

Of course, most tourists in the Carpathians are attracted by popular and famous lakes. Among them are the following:

  1. Crane (Dead) Lake. Located in the Skole Beskydy National Nature Park near the village of Kamyanka, Skole district, Lviv region. It is characterized by a high content of hydrogen sulfide, which is why it got its name – Dead Lake. In addition, although the water in it is clear, but because of the dark bottom it is also called Black. Rare plants grow on the lake: marsh cranberries and aspens, and on top it is covered with branches, grass and tree roots. Near the lake there is a spring of mineral water “Naftusya” and the famous Kamyanets waterfall. And the path that stretches past the lake leads to Mount Klyuch with a magnificent panoramic view.
  2. Lake Nesamovite. Located within the Nadvirna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region. This is one of the highest alpine lakes in the Carpathians (1750 meters above sea level). The lake lies in a glacial depression on the eastern slopes of Mount Turkul of the Montenegrin ridge in the Carpathian National Park. It is 88 meters long, 45 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep.
  3. Lake Maricheika. Located within the Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region on the territory of the Chornohora massif. In the northwest of the lake you can see one of the highest Carpathian peaks – Mount Pip Ivan, 2022 meters high. The lake itself is located at an altitude of 1510 meters above sea level and has a very small depth – 0.8 meters. It is surrounded by a forest of mountain pine and spruce, filled with groundwater and springs at the foot of the mountain slope.
  4. Lake Brebeneskul. The highest mountain lake, which is located at an altitude of 1801 meters surrounded by the peaks of the Montenegrin ridge Brebeneskul and Gutin Tomnatyk, located in the Rakhiv district of the Transcarpathian region. It stretches for 134 meters, has a depth of 3 meters and is very cold. Its temperature does not exceed 13 degrees even in summer. The water is crystal clear, slightly mineralized, and the bottom is covered with gray silt.
  5. Lake Lebedin. It is located in the tract on the southern peak of the Pokutsko-Bukovynian Carpathians (Kosiv region) of the Hutsulshchyna National Park. Located at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level, 28 meters deep and up to one hectare. Rare plants grow on the lake area: spring primrose, fern, beech fegopteris and others. In order to admire the beautiful scenery, tourists come to the tract Lebedyn even from foreign countries.

The deepest lake in the Carpathians

Nevertheless, the largest and deepest lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians is the Legendary Sea Eye – Synevyr. It is located on the rocks of the Gorgany massif in the Mizhhirya district of Transcarpathia. This majestic natural monument was created by a landslide 10,000 years ago, located at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level and has a depth of 24 meters. The average area of ​​the water reservoir of Lake Synevyr is 4-5 hectares.

The fauna and flora around the lake are very diverse. Protected area in which the law protects about 10 thousand plants, 43 species of mammals and 91 species of rare birds. There are many observation decks and various decorative ornaments, and in the middle of the lake, like the pupil of the eye, there is a small island. Hence the second name of Synevir – Sea Eye. On the island you can see the majestic mahogany sculpture “Blue and Faith”, which is 13 meters high and weighs about 30 tons. It is associated with many legends about the unhappy love of two lovers – Vira and Xenia (Blue).

There are many mineral water deposits on the territory of Synevyr National Park, which treat the gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system. At the camp site, located on the shores of the lake, you can spend the night, taste the national Hungarian soup – bograch, listen to mountain musicians, buy souvenirs. Not far from the lake you can visit the only Museum of Forest and Rafting in Europe. The All-Ukrainian festival “Trembitas Call to Synevyr” is held annually on the lake.

Lakes in the Carpathians: where to swim?

The nature of the Carpathian Mountains comes to life in the summer months, endows us with berries and mushrooms, springs are filled with healing water, numerous lakes, rivers and waterfalls refresh and invigorate all who are not afraid of cool mountain ponds. Most natural lakes are located high in the mountains, some in hard-to-reach places, natural areas and although they have a small depth, the water in them is mostly quite cool. Even in the deep lake Synevyr water warms up only 1-2 meters.

Therefore, only real desperate people will be able to swim in them. It is better to use less extreme places for swimming and sunbathing. For example, the famous resort of Bukovel in Ivano-Frankivsk region boasts a beautiful artificial lake 750 meters long. Here on the beach equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas longer than 2 km you can comfortably relax, ride catamarans, water skis, jet skis, or book a scuba diving under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Also, in summer you can swim in the ponds near the famous waterfalls (Zhenetsky Guk waterfall in Nadvirna district), while admiring the water falling from a height of 15 meters, and relax on the banks of many Carpathian rivers (TAORKarpaty Resort & Spa ****, which near Skhidnytsia can offer you a comfortable equipped beach on the banks of the river Stryi). For those who want to recover and be treated at the same time, you should think about visiting the thermal lakes in Kosino, salt lakes in Solotvino or the healing springs of Maramorosh in Transcarpathia.

Summer vacation in the Carpathians is diverse and for all tastes. So, do not waste time – book a place, relax and gain mountain energy, strength and health.