Interesting places in the Carpathians

The popularity of Carpathian resorts has always been out of competition, and over the years it has only grown. Here – all the conditions for a rich calm or active rest, recovery and relaxation. The Carpathians attract lovers of hiking and skiing, cyclists, horsemen who want to have fun with friends or relax comfortably with children.

Nature generously endowed the Carpathians with everything it could. Here – healing air, mineral springs, amazing panoramas, unique flora and fauna. Thousands of tourists come here to combine vacation with treatment. At the same time, local resorts, including the Taor Carpathian base, and local attractions are equally attractive at any time of the year: only the list of possible entertainment changes.

Developed tourist infrastructure provides convenient transport links. All major resorts or cities are within easy reach of the main centers and famous sights.

What exactly to look at?

When planning a busy program in the Carpathians, do not miss:

  • • Gorgany Nature Reserve. A corner of nature, almost untouched by man. Located in the heart of the Carpathians. Although the reserve was finally established only in 1996, its history began in 1935. Here is a unique influence for researchers of the Wurm ice age, which led to the emergence of specific landscapes, flora and fauna. In some places, even the original Arctoalpine vegetation has been preserved, and in the forest zone there is a natural massif of European cedar pine, the only one in Europe.
  • • Enchanted Land National Nature Park. Young, since 2009, a rapidly developing reserve. Created for the preservation and reproduction of natural complexes of the Eastern Carpathians. In addition to its aesthetic and environmental role, it has important scientific and recreational significance. On the territory – the river Borzhava and unique wetlands with beech forests. Another feature is the unique rock landscapes and biodiversity.
  • • Black Mountain Reserve. It consists of eight parts: five forests, two mountains and one valley. The border of the reserve is practically adjacent to the borders of Hungary and Romania. Area – more than 820 hectares. Black Mountain itself is a unique natural phenomenon with an absolute plain at an altitude of 560 meters. It is believed that its origin is due to the eruption of the volcano more than a thousand years ago. Here is the Valley of Daffodils.

This is only a small part of what is possible! Be sure to visit the high and picturesque Shipit waterfall, the mountain eye – Lake Synevyr, the world-famous souvenir market Yaremche, the unique rocks of Dovbush, the colorful Valley of Daffodils, the only one of its kind. Also, do not miss the numerous castles and ruins: Palanok Castle, Tustan Fortress, Nevytsky and Serednyansky castles, etc.

The choice of natural attractions is not limited at all. Among the well-known protected areas are the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, the Skole Beskydy National Park, and regional nature parks. In addition, every corner of the Carpathians is in fact a monument in itself. Just stop and look in all directions!

And to travel peacefully in the Carpathians and its surroundings, without worrying about comfortable living and household chores, come to our base TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa!