When to collect mushrooms and berries in the Carpathians?

Autumn is the golden season… The period when everything around turns into a real colorful fairy tale. Autumn… is the time to travel to the Carpathians to truly immerse yourself in this beauty and feel oneness with nature.

Take your friends and family and go on a hike for berries and mushrooms, which is filled with picturesque landscapes, trails of the Carpathian forests, fresh clean air and peaceful moments in the middle of nature.

The Carpathians, forests… nature that inspires!

We all need a real reset and clearing of our minds from time to time. Every day we face various problems, work issues and family life… And sometimes you just want to turn off your mind and not worry about anything. Nature gives strength, fills with new energy and returns the desire to enjoy life. After all, it is so fleeting…

Do you like picking mushrooms and berries? When is the best time?

Going for mushrooms and berries is a real pleasure. Autumn cobwebs, dew drops on leaves, colors that simply make you fall in love with yourself, birds singing… The autumn forest beckons you and encourages you to step further and further to get to know its beauty more.

The best time to collect mushrooms is after the rain. They appear as if out of nowhere in a matter of hours. It is better to collect them early in the morning, then they will be fresher and will last longer.

You need to choose appropriate clothing for the hike: waterproof (raincoat, rubber boots), a basket for mushrooms and berries, water and a few sandwiches for a snack. The main thing is that you are comfortable!

Collect only proven mushrooms, those in which you are 100% sure. After all, it is very easy to confuse poisonous mushrooms with edible ones, and the result will be negative for your body.

Interesting places where you can go for berries and mushrooms

If you are going hiking in the mountains for the first time or are a beginner, then it is better to go with an instructor or a person who lives among nature and knows every piece of the forest.

Come to the hotel TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa****, which is located 9 km from Skhidnytsia. This place is surrounded by the beauty of Carpathian mountains and forests.

We offer you many different routes into the forest fairy tale, and our instructor will “make” you fall in love with hiking and will tell many interesting stories. Choose a route according to your preferences and difficulty, rent tires and rain boots, take a picnic basket and boldly set off for an adventure.

Each route is filled with an interesting highlight. Routes: “Forest”, “Heroes’ paths”, “Landscapes”, “Forest’s route”, “Divolis”, “Through mountains and valleys”, “Forest ridge”… And also, we have a separate and special hike for mushrooms and berries. This is the most favorite hike of our guests!

Remember – nature must be protected! Do not leave litter or break branches. The wonderful Ukrainian nature deserves our love and care.

Come to us for new emotions and a pleasant rest in the forest!