Traditions of celebrating New Year and Christmas in the Carpathians

Traditions of celebrating New Year and Christmas in the Carpathians

Winter is the most fabulous time of the year. It’s time of miracles and fulfillment of desires. Winter is a time for family gatherings and unforgettable holidays. St. Nicholas Day, Polish and Ukrainian Christmas, New Year… These days, everyone’s most secret dreams can come true. These holidays make us kinder and with good comes the happiness we all so long for.

Real New Year’s holidays come to us from this good holiday – St. Nicholas Day, which we are looking forward to from year to year. It is a holiday of charity, cordiality and miracle. You can share positive emotions, happiness, joy and warm feelings, get a well-deserved gift from St. Nicholas, at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****, by visiting us on December 18-19 and immersed in this fabulous atmosphere!

Catholic Christmas is a special religious holiday that brings the whole family together. It is celebrated on December 25 in many countries around the world. Come to TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** and immerse yourself in the festive Christmas atmosphere and learn all the traditions of celebrating Christmas in Poland by making wishes to each other and tasting the thin white Oplatek cake, which all family members share before dinner.

New Year is a time of change and faith in a bright future. The whole team of TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** we are happy to prepare for this magical holiday, decorating cottages with garlands, decorating the Christmas tree and creating a fabulous atmosphere.

This year, on New Year’s Eve, we will plunge into the world of the elements of the Sun, Water, Fire and Air. They have long made us happy and filled us with vital energy. After all, without the gifts of Nature, Man cannot exist.

On this magical night, we will fill your life with all these gifts, and the following performers will help us:

The element of Air will be provided by the Terry Band Cover Show. They will stir the air and you will feel the drive of their music with all the vibrations of your body.

The element of Water will be added by splashes of champagne, which will awaken your feelings and create a real magical atmosphere of New Year’s Eve.

The element of the Earth will be recreated by a master of sand animation, professional artist Daria Tim.

The element of Fire will be lit by the TRION Fire Theater, which will present a real spectacle and an impressive fire show “InRed”.

Taras Bohun, the host of the holiday, will provide positive energy, crazy atmosphere and sincere emotions.

It will be an unforgettable magical night! Have you already come up with a wish? Believe and miracles happen!

And then Christmas awaits you – a family holiday, when the resounding voices of carolers and their golden star, which shines all over the world, everything turns into a fairy tale, an amazing holiday that rolls with joyful echoes not only in TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ** **, but also in all cities and villages, all over the world! A real nativity scene will visit your homes and decorate the evenings in the restaurant. We will learn to cook kutia and more. Christmas is a time of family traditions.


Come to TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** and create your own memories of a number of wonderful winter holidays that will stay in your soul for a long time – as a reminder of the best gifts of Mother Winter. Also, we wish you that the light of the Christmas star always leads you only on the path of goodness and humanity, always believe in miracles, because they are happen!