Top festivals that take place in autumn in the Carpathians

Every year, golden autumn is filled with incendiary festivities and celebrations. Gather your family and friends and go on a fun vacation in the Carpathians. Nature inspires, gives an inflammatory mood and positive emotions. Picturesque landscapes, light annual mountain noise, birds singing, peace and quiet… Active activities will complement your vacation and make it unforgettable!

Top festivals that take place in autumn in the Carpathians

Autumn festivals in Zacarpathia are fun and atmospheric

Do you like to attend various festivals? Choose the one you like best and visit with your family and friends.

In today’s world there are many different festivals:

Ethno-festival “Hutsul turnip” – one of the most colorful holidays in Zacarpathia. Turnips are called potatoes, which are considered the second bread for locals. During the festival you can treat yourself to potato products, Zacarpathian wine and eco-friendly products.

Lemkivska Vatra Ethno-Festival – this event unites Lemkos from all over the world. Such a festival is a great opportunity to learn about the culture of the Lemko people, their customs and rituals, sing their songs and dance. The main highlight of this festival is a huge fire, around which people demonstrate folk traditions and colors.

At the end of September, Uzhhorod residents celebrate City Day. During this period, there is the fair “Golden Autumn”. And also, the festival “MostFest”, mini-festivals, photo zones, home-made delicacies, products of local masters and cooks.

The festival “BEREGFEST” takes place in Beregovo, the purpose of which is to revive the ancient traditions of Beregovo. Cycling tours, fun competitions, exhibitions, lotteries and a concert are waiting for you.

Golden Goulash Festival-Fair, which takes place in the village of Muzhievo, Beregovo district. Tourists from all over gather for this festival! They take part in active competitions, folk master classes, tastings of Zacarpathian dishes and merry festivities.

Autumn holidays that take place in Zacarpathia in November

Autumn holidays that take place in Zacarpathia in November

This month, Mukachevo brightly celebrates St. Martin’s Day, which is the patron saint of the old town above Latorytsia. Folk festivals, street fairs with home-made products and Zacarpathian wine. You can also buy eco-products: honey, cheese, liquor. Interesting elements of the festival are a parade with lanterns, theatrical performances, knightly tournaments and horseback riding.

The festival of young wine “Zacarpathian Beaujolais” takes place in Uzhgorod. Natural quality wines, street fairs with souvenirs, Zacarpathian cuisine. Also, there are performances by local talents and music groups.

Also, traditionally every year the International Roma Festival of Jazz Music “Pap Jazz Fest” takes place. Not only local and Ukrainian jazz musicians, but also foreign ones are waiting for you.

Golden autumn filled with merry festivities at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****

Autumn at TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** is filled with fun and eventful events. In September, the Schoolboy’s Day, the Day of Ukrainian Open-Air Cinema and the World Tourism Day await you.

October is filled with the following festive events:

October 2 – Beer Festival – will be fun and atmospheric! Contests, quizzes, raffles, a fair, delicious street cuisine from chef Rustam Khorkashev and beer. There is not much beer!!!

October 14 – Day of the Defender of Ukraine – a tour of the museum “Hideout of Captain Yarema”, quests and liqueurs. Learn more about Ukrainian history!

The last week of October – Autumn children’s vacation – busy and active days from our animator! Every day: games, competitions, creative workshops and interesting tasks. Will be fun!

October 31 – Pumpkin Festival – the most mystical holiday. Sweets, entertainment and fun – we guarantee you!

We invite you to the Merry Festival in the Carpathians in early November and the Wine Festival, which will take place on November 20. It will be atmospheric!