A journey around the world, adventures of a discoverer, and a secret search are waiting for you. You are locked in a room full of riddles and puzzles.

Museum quest room “Kryivka of the centurion Jarema”
The peculiarity of our kryivka is not only that it works as a museum – where our guests will be able to hear “what is a kryivka?, who and for what did they build it?” – but at the same time they will be able to visit her as a quest room!

Your task is to find the key to the door and exit the room in 60 minutes. In its essence, the quest room is an intellectual game where you need to solve a number of mysteries in order to achieve the desired result. The main advantage seems to be the fact that this is a team game where everyone contributes to the victory. That is why, major factors here are logical thinking, team play and good mood!

Quest room “Around the world in 60 minutes”150 UAH / 1 pers.

Quest room “Hideout of Yarema”180 UAH / 1 pers.

Quest room “Sherlock Holmes. Mystery of the cryptographer”250 UAH / 1 pers.