How to prepare the body for autumn?

Take care of your health and good immunity in advance! Plan your daily routine correctly: a glass of water on an empty stomach to wake up the body, a little physical warm-up, a healthy breakfast that will give your body a lot of energy and charge a positive mood. During work breaks, do not forget about rest, a glass of water and healthy snacks and lunch. At the end of the day, try a light salad and prepare for sleep with yoga exercises. Taking care of yourself every day you will always be in shape and feel great.

How to increase your immunity?

Immunity needs to be taken care of every day. Here are some useful habits that will bring you a good mood and well-being:

One of the important points for good immunity is hardening. A light morning jog and a contrast shower will wake up your body and strengthen endurance and immunity.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not eat foods that destroy your body.

Do not abuse alcohol and remember to sleep regularly.

Avoid stress and move more.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Spend more time outdoors, travel and share a positive mood.

Being healthy is easy!

Vitamins to take in the fall

Also, do not forget about seasonal vitamins. You need to eat as many berries, fruits and vegetables. Eat apples, which in autumn are full of fiber and vitamin C. It is a great option for cleansing the body. Brussels sprouts are used to prevent cancer and are also rich in anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. You also need to eat lots of fresh greens, salads with vegetables and microgreens. Persimmons are often added to salads, which are also rich in fiber and vitamins C and A. Pomegranates, pumpkins, carrots, beets, mushrooms, parsnips… Autumn is rich in useful fruits. Study and eat great!

If you want, you can buy a cancellation at the pharmacy to strengthen your body, talking beforehand with a doctor who will be happy to tell you what your body needs. Take time for yourself – take care of your health!

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