What should be taken into account when choosing a hotel?

When going on a trip, we carefully select the things we need to make your vacation or business trip as comfortable as possible. We are no less meticulous in choosing a place to stay, because a nice hotel with good staff and quality service will make the trip as uncomfortable as possible. However, what should you look for when choosing a hotel?

  • • First, it must be more than a hotel. For a family vacation in the Carpathians, it is always better to choose not just a hotel, but a holiday hotel complex with a playground or a special children’s room. Then a pleasant holiday, guaranteed to you and your children. For relaxation with friends, it is also advisable to choose a hotel with a swimming pool, with a large area where you can make noise. Of course, for business meetings, it is mandatory to have a conference room.
  • • Secondly, hotel rooms. As Olga Freimut says: “Despite the price of the room, everyone deserves its cleanliness.” Of course, looking at the photos of hotel rooms, because that’s how we set whether we like the hotel or not, we can not see how clean the room, but you should pay attention to the condition of plumbing and the appearance of dumps. The room must have a bed with orthopedic mattress, for healthy sleep, a set of towels and a hairdryer.
  • • Third, hotel services and service. Pleasant, knowledgeable and polite staff, it can be said, the business card of the hotel, because it is communication with people who create comfortable conditions for you, should be positive. You may think that choosing a hotel according to such criteria, the price per room will be quite high. But this is not so. There are hotels where affordable price and high quality are commensurate.

So, based on all this, we want to offer you a holiday in the hotel and entertainment complex TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa. This is a newly built hotel that wants to win over its customer, high service, a wide range of services and affordable prices. Here you will find real Ukrainian hospitality and European service that will not leave indifferent even the most demanding customer. In Skhidnytsia Hotel, TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa, you can choose both standard rooms for two and houses for large families and companies. For lovers of active recreation there is the possibility of hot air ballooning, ATVs, bicycles, shooting in the shooting range, picking mushrooms and berries, hiking with tents, rope park. For guests of the recreation center TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa is also available arestaurant that prepares delicious dishes of both Ukrainian and European cuisine. The complex has a playground, free parking and a beautiful view of the picturesque Carpathians.

We recommend the TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa.