How to get rid of anxiety?

In order to keep your emotional state normal, you need to know certain rules: how to prevent a panic attack? What are the methods to get rid of anxiety? How to calm your body? How to get rid of phantom siren syndrome?

Knowing the answers to these questions, you will be ready to protect your body and calm it at different times. By taking care of your inner peace, you take care of yourself in general. After all, then you can think soberly, analyze the situation and react correctly to events.

Panic attacks – how to get rid of it?

  • Breathing exercises are very important. Choose a breathing technique that is right for you and practice using it when you tremble. After all, very often in stressful situations a person forgets about proper breathing.

  • Focus on muscle relaxation. While breathing, try to relax your body. Have you ever attended a yoga class? Think of techniques for relaxing and normalizing your feelings.
  • If a panic attack occurs at home, you need to approach the wall and touch it with three points: shoulders, buttocks and heels. Feel these areas. In this way, you control your emotions and return the mind to your body.
  • You can still use a stone that you need to hold in your hand, crush and count its angles.
  • If you are in a crowd, count, for example, how many people in green jackets you see. When you start searching with your eyes, your focus shifts and you calm down.
  • If possible, consult a psychologist who will offer you some techniques to fight.

Feelings of anxiety for no reason and phantom siren syndrome

Don’t forget about: healthy and complete sleep, balanced diet, daily physical activity and walks in the fresh air, communication with family and positive emotions. By following these basic rules, you will help your body to survive this difficult time.

The symptom of a phantom siren is a state when you hear sirens in complete silence, which in fact do not exist. You are viewing the message, looking in the window It seemed. These are the sirens of your anxiety.

War is a powerful trauma for each of us, whether you are military or civilian. When the trauma is too severe and the psyche cannot “digest” it, derealization can occur.

What to do with it?

  • Reality check and grounding

Discuss stress with loved ones; wash your face or hands with cold water; sit down and list the objects you see in the room; touch the body, it is important to return yourself through the body to reality.

  • Close basic needs

Try to fall asleep if possible; eat something warm and make hot tea; drink a glass of water; hug someone nearby; leave yourself time during the day without news and phone, asking your loved ones to call in advance in case of alarm.

  • Slow down

Movements; reaction; conversations when there is no real threat.

  • Affects the level of anxiety

Uncertainty of the future; lack of control over the situation.

  • Solutions
  1. Agree with neighbors and friends on how to act in an emergency
  2. Make shifts
  3. Write a step-by-step plan if the alarm is real
  4. Share responsibilities with loved ones so that everyone knows exactly who is turning off the gas, who is taking things
  5. Arrange the necessary things in places to find easily
  6. Separately prepare the clothes to be worn during the evacuation to the shelter
  • Conclusion
  • As long as stress remains chronic, we are all trapped in derealization
  • Our psyche will cope with this, if at least a little to cover the basic needs
  • Now we minimize the symptoms, or stay in shape and react to the situation

Anxiety relief exercises. Advice from our chief physician Lilak Lila

Try to normalize your days and return to the rhythm of life. A good night’s sleep, lots of hugs and smiles. Take care of someone. Today almost everyone has become a volunteer in Ukraine. Go back to work and help sustain our country’s economy. Read the news no more than once an hour .. during this time the situation will not change dramatically, and you will be able to stay calm. Trust only trusted official sources. Be busy! Remember the words of the famous psychologist Carnegie: “Be busy! This is the cheapest medicine on earth – and one of the most effective! ” Read fairy tales to children and play games. A fairy tale is the best therapy for a child. Be physically active, walk and play sports outdoors.

Nature heals…

And it’s true! If you have the opportunity, go to your grandparents in the village, with friends in the Carpathians and stay surrounded by nature. It calms, helps to restore balance and vitality!

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