How to avoid stress? Stress: what is it and what are its consequences

Various stressful situations often happen in a person’s life. After all, stress is a protective reaction of the body to external influences of various factors and situations. In today’s world there are many such factors. These are, for example, heavy mental or emotional stress at work, the need to make quick decisions, take on significant responsibilities, different types of dangers, grief, trouble, etc.

There are two types of stress: short-term or acute (which is more positive helps a person find a way out of a difficult situation or solve a problem), and long-term or chronic (negative, as it can lead to exhaustion, fatigue and cause various diseases). The negative effects of long-term stress on the body can be: impaired memory and attention, poor sleep, weakened immunity, headaches, failure of the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems.

How to deal with stress?

The main methods in the fight against stress are undoubtedly sports and exercise (especially outdoors), a balanced diet, healthy sleep, autogenic training and relaxation, regular active recreation.

And, of course, you should not be affected by such negative and dependent methods of avoiding stress as alcohol and various drugs.

Methods of relieving stress and restoring the body’s vital forces in the Carpathians

Of course, the best way to deal with stress is not to treat its effects, but to prevent it. And here, of course, your body will help a good rest and recovery of vitality in the Carpathians. The healing effects of fresh mountain air, combined with a variety of wellness programs offered by sanatoriums and recreation centers, will bring you into harmony and strengthen not only the psychological but also the physical state of the body. In addition, communication with family and friends, good mood, good sleep and nutrition, regular walks in the fresh air will reduce congestion and increase stress resistance.

Medical program Anti-stress Weekend at the Medical Spa Center in TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****

Among the large number of treatment and rehabilitation programs offered to vacationers, bases and hotels for recreation in the Carpathians, we should highlight the special medical program Anti-stress Weekend at the Medical Spa Center in TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa ****.

Hotel TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** located in the picturesque Carpathians near Skhidnytsia offers its visitors in addition to special medical programs a number of wellness treatments, including:

  • visiting the bath, tub and pump room with healing water
  • children’s and adult spa treatments
  • ozone therapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • apitherapy
  • salt cave
  • carboxytherapy
  • inhalations based on mountain herbs
  • and more.

It is aimed at restoring the physical and emotional state of man, improving his well-being, rejuvenating the body. The program includes taking various types of baths with healing herbs (“Cleopatra”, “Forest Tale” and “Peace of Mind”), Stone Therapy, Hamam, Toffa Massage, speleotherapy, chocolate wrap and Darsonval (comb). After its passage you will get a feeling of lightness, a surge of strength and vitality, a full range of positive emotions and relaxation. And combining its passage with emotional communication with family members, close friends, outdoor walks and participation in games and competitions to raise team spirit and good mood will add only positive to the recovery process and will promote productivity in further work and return to normal life.

So, visit the TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa **** and take advantage of the healing Anti-stress Weekend program at the Medical Spa Center.